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White Wings was Formed more than 2 decades ago. The company started with providing corporate IT services to business as Microsoft, Novell, and Cisco authorized partner. After obtaining success in the corporate world, White Wings grew exponentially. In the mid 90’s, White Wings took on the challenge of designing a solution for money service businesses (MSBs) to help them compete on a global level. White Wings introduced a white label Money Transfer System (MTS). MTS enabled MSBs to resolve long-lasting problem which consisted of organization and management of global branches. In addition, MTS solution helped streamline MSBs through reducing the clutter associated with exponential costs.

In late 2001 the US government introduced new regulations and compliance for world remittance which in result posed new challenges for MSBs. In 2002, MTS took on the challenge to implement the latest regulations and developed algorithms to fulfill future regulations. Ever since, MTS is recommended by industry leading experts as its proven credibility to ease MSBs operations. MTS grew in parallel to the MSB industry. MTS became the most mature product on the market. That is one of the reasons that large conglomerates with hundreds of thousands of branches rely on White Wings MTS solution. By understanding the developing needs of the MSBs and the booming of the internet businesses White Wings introduced a new platform Online Transaction Module (OTM) which enables consumers to use their mobile devices and residential computers to send money to their loved one across the globe. Consequently, as the e-commerce business industry matured the MSBs faced difficulty in consumer retention. White Wings MTS then introduced new services geared towards helping vendors acquire and retain their consumers. The solution resulted in the form of Value Added Services through Mobile Wallet, Pin-less, E-Commerce, E-Gifts, Mobile Top-up, and Bill Payments.

Now White Wings took on the challenge of helping conceive and grow new & existing MSBs through MTS Assist program called the MTS Assist. With MTS Assist, new MSBs have the leverage to learn effective, proven, and innovative methods of establishing their business in the market. For existing MSBs, MTS Assist offers help that will address efficient maintenance & scalability challenges. White Wings is a familiar brand that actively attends global remittance conferences. For the past 20 years, 69% the attendees we've communicated at remittance conferences have placed their confidence in White Wings proprietary product The MTS Suite and support services. Please give White Wings team the chance to serve you. We will not let you down.

Our Mission:

White Wings MTS clients are served by professionals that are among the most exceptional in the Remittance industry. Our employees, known internally as team members, provide loyalty-inspiring and efficient services to MSBs around the globe. Their passion and commitment ensure that we continually improve our quality, customer experience, reliability, security, and cost-efficiency.

One goal—serving our clients' interests
Every team member comes to work every day with a single focus that is to serve only the interests of White Wings MTS clients. To accomplish this mission, we know that we need to work together with commitment, integrity, and accountability.

A supportive workplace
By building and innovating MTS we value the diversity of our team in all its forms, including age, cultural and socioeconomic background, family status, gender, national and regional origin, physical attributes, race, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. In fact, we know that a diverse team is crucial to the high level of service we provide to our clients.