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Money Transfer

The most mature global remittance system that is easy to use with enterprise level compliance. MTS allows secure transactions from any device to anywhere.
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Mobile Topup

MTS enables your customers to add value to the prepaid phones of their loved ones in 100+ countries and with over 250 carriers around the globe.
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Bill Payment

Paying your utilities, insurance, and other bills with our participating partners. Your bill payments made easy through in store or via online portal.
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Grow your revenue with our e-commerce module which allows consumers to send food items as well as other household products to their loved ones across the globe.
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Mobile Pin-less

International calls made easy with our built-in technology. Talk to your loved ones with HD call quality, best calling plans, and reduced wait time.
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Send your loved ones electronic gift cards on their special occasions such as apparel, games, travel, restaurant, and more from participating partners.
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MTS Assist

MTS proudly introduces its revolutionizing Assist services. MTS Assist helps MSBs in obtaining licensing, accounting, technological, banking, legal, and merchant
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Mobile Wallet

Carry your credit card & bank information in a digital form on your mobile device. Instead of using physical card, pay and receive funds with your handheld devices.
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Cost Effective Hosting

MSBs currently face challenges concerning the budget and veteran software engineers. MTS allows you to host & maintain your application cost effectively.
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The simplest business application software for automating and managing a Money Service Business daily operation

Easy to Use

Allows users to effectively navigate and utilize MTS easily. A user does not need to be an expert to operate the software.
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Send & Receive money with
variety of currencies with MTS
around the globe.
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Level Security

Keeping the external threats in mind, MTS has successfully integrated with partners to bring forth state of the art security
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Send transfer from Agents, web portal, mobile devices to Banks, Payers and to
mobile devices.
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Anti Money Laundering

The integrated Anti Money Laundering function in MTS is a state of the art mechanism to track and prevent Money Laundering.
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Multi Lingual

MTS supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and more. MTS is compatible with almost all languages.
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With inflation rising around the globe MTS is extremely affordable through leasing, purchasing, and revenue sharing program.
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3rd Party
Accounting Integration

MTS can be integrated with any type of third party accounting system such as QuickBooks, Sage, and more.
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Fully Customizable and Brandable

MTS is a white labeled software that is 100% brandable. MTS only acts as the vehicle of your success.
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Integrated partners

Let us help you, expand your reach with our over 150 integrated partners world wide


We are accredited and acknowledged by World’s
Top Technology Compliance and Security Companies

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